Mission Statement

Empowering Minds, Enriching Lives: Our Community Mental Health Center is dedicated to promoting mental wellness, resilience, and holistic healing within our community. Guided by compassion and expertise, we provide accessible, evidence-based mental health services that empower individuals to navigate life's challenges and embrace their full potential. Through collaboration, education, and personalized care, we strive to reduce stigma, foster a supportive environment, and cultivate lasting positive change in the lives we touch. Our mission is to illuminate the path towards mental well-being, ensuring that every individual can lead a life of purpose, connection, and emotional vitality.

The Joint Commission accredits SCV Counseling Center after in-person inspection of documentation, client care, organization, and services provided.

Our Approach

Here at SCV Counseling Center, we are Client-Centered. We concentrate on what the client needs and what the client wants. We don't impose our beliefs on our clients. We hold their hands and help them work their way towards their goals.

We are Solution Focused Counselors. We work in "Here and Now." Even though many counselors feel the past is important, our philosophy is to learn from the past and concentrate on the future. We're not here to fix the past. The past can never be fixed, but we can make sure not to repeat our mistakes and push towards a better, stronger, and happier future.


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