Anger Management

Do you feel conflicted, on the edge, and get into arguments easily? Do you wish you could control your anger? is anger causing problems in your relationships?

Anger management is not just for those who have been court-ordered. Have an assessment with one of our licensed clinicians and see if an anger management course is for you.

Anger does not discriminate between sexes or genders. It can become a part of a person's behavior without the person, or those around him/her, realizing it.

During the intake session, all related behaviors are assessed and the best program will be recommended.

We have programs to satisfy all court requirements. Including fast-paced 8 weeks, 6 months, and 12 months programs.

If you required Anger Management to satisfy court requirements, you need to produce your court minutes so we can provide the necessary documentation to the court.

Intake Session: $200 , Individual classes: $150