Marriage/Family Therapy

In any relationship there can be and most likely will be frictions. Marriage or Cohabitation of any form is not immune to this problem. We are all different and no matter how much we love each other we can still have a difference of opinion. Unfortunately for some, due to the lack of experience, support, or knowledge, these differences can become arguments and then mountains that stand between a couple.

Marriage counseling can help resolve these problems and bring the couple and the family back together. We help give our clients a solid ground to stand on and make new efforts with new commitments. We help them re-establish and grow together with new understandings.

You may think your relationship is nearing the end, but a visit to our office can change all that. You'll be amazed at how we find solutions to your problems, and get the two of you closer than you ever were before.

Pre-Marital Counseling

Taking you to the dentist, your mother always told you prevention is better than the cure. So true.

The same belief goes for marriages. We all know we put on our best faces when we're dating, when we're trying to impress the other person. But, when do we get to become our real self, before we take that final step and make our relationship permanent!

Pre-marital counseling is the best way to get to know, understand, and accept the other party's less desirable behaviors and thoughts.

In our basic 3-months package, within 4 to 6 sessions we get to see what the marriage would be like, and the remaining sessions will be spent on fixing the rough edges or preparing you to accept your future partner with those traits that may be undesirable at first. If we discover there could be problems we will discuss those problems and resolve them. It doesn't mean that we're going to say don't get married or you're not right for each other. It means we will tackle anything that could become a potential problem before it happens. President Bush called it a Pre-Emptive strike, we call it PREPARATION.                   

Family Therapy & Teens:  

It is a fact that teenagers can, and most will experience problems going through adolescence. We've all experienced it. Adolescence is a time of making distinctions, lifelong decisions, the building of character, understanding sexuality, and all of this when there are so many temptations, opposing guidance, and flow of hormones that can send a person crazy.

All of the above can change the healthy balance of a household. New demands and new problems are presented to the parents who are so busy paying the bills they forget they too used to be teenagers. They simply blame the teen for making "bad decisions," We recommend our 6-months plan for families who have "Teen Problems." the sessions will be divided between family sessions and individual members sessions.

Divorce/Separation Counseling

Despite all efforts by the counselors and the couple, sometimes divorce or separation becomes inevitable. Getting professional counseling specific to divorce can help reduce stress-related to this stage of life. Many couples going through a divorce end up having disagreements regarding so many different parts of their lives. These include the children, the custody, finances, housing, support and more. A professional counselor can help alleviate and reduce some of this stress. At SCV Counseling, we specialize in the art of communications and negotiations between couples. At times during these delicate moments of negotiations, the couple ends up understanding each other like never before. These couples sometimes decide not to proceed with the divorce and restart their relationship on a better understanding.

We strongly recommend counseling if you are going through divorce or separation. Please call 661-977-4747 to make an appointment as soon as possible before your stress levels reach the point of no return.