Court Ordered Therapy

Court Ordered Therapy, 730 Custody Evaluation, and Reunification

Unfortunately, things don't always work out the way we hoped at the beginning. Some relationships, married or not, end up in separation and/or divorce.

Not all couples come to an amicable resolution and end up in a court of law. Based on the history of the case or the relationship, a judge may order some form of psychotherapy. At SCV Counseling Center we are constantly helping individuals who have been ordered therapy by the courts.

For Reunification, 730 Child Custody Evaluation, conjoint, Domestic Violence, and other court-ordered therapy, just call our number and you can start within 48 hours.

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Certified Anger Management Provider

Now available by Certified Anger Management Clinician. Acceptable by almost all US states, and all Califonia Courts ( Sacramento and Riverside currently exempted)

Currently, we only offer individual sessions especially designed for the executives who enjoy private and confidential sessions. Classes can be on Zoom or in person.

Anger does not discriminate between sexes or genders. It can become a part of a person's behavior without the person, or those around him/her, realizing it.

During the intake session, all related behaviors are assessed and the best program will be recommended.

We have programs to satisfy all court requirements. Including fast-paced 8 weeks, 6 months, and 12 months programs.

If you required Anger Management to satisfy court requirements, you need to produce your court minutes so we can provide the necessary documentation to the court.

Certified Anger Management Counselors

AME Provider #: 111449


Intake Session: $250 , Individual classes: $175


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Marriage and Family Counseling

Accepting new clients now. In-Person and online sessions are available.

Marriage counseling can help resolve minor as well as major problems and bring the couple and the family back together. We help give our clients a solid ground to stand on and make new efforts with new commitments. We help them re-establish and grow together with new understandings.

You may think your relationship is nearing the end, but a visit to our office can change all that. You’ll be amazed at how we find solutions to your problems, and get the two of you closer than you ever were before.


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IOP for Teens

Our IOP program is specifically designed for the teens of today. The program was designed based on our conversations with the parents that visit our offices for counseling.

Held 4 times per week, the 3 hours a day after-school program includes healthy fun, homework, and life skills. Your teen will learn alternative forms of entertainment, and interaction with others, reduce social anxiety as well as life skills necessary to live a healthy happy life. These include hygiene, self-care, exercise, creative arts, meditation, and much more.


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