Relationship Counseling

In any relationship there can be and most likely will be frictions. Marriage or Cohabitation of any form is not immune from this problem.

We teach our clients how to identify and eliminate these problems. We also teach techniques which help prevent frictions in a relationship.

See also Pre-Marital Counseling


When the word addiction is mentioned, most people think of illegal material such as Heroin, Cocaine,  or other similar habit-forming substances. In recent years new forms of addiction have surfaced. Terms such as gambling, food, and sex addiction have become more popular.

Mood Disorders

Depression, Anxiety, BiPolar, PTSD

In today's world where the cure for every problem seems to lie in a pill, the Psychiatrists tend to fix problems with medication. At California Counseling, we add the benefits of therapy and help our clients find REAL solutions to their mood disorders.

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